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SHANGHAI BRO-SIS INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD . Is a professional 10 years sublimation paper manufacturer in Shanghai, the Economic Center of China . BRO-SIS HANGZHOU is dedicate to developing & producing prime quality sublimation transfer paper, including 60g, 80gsm ,103gsm , 120gsm  ,140gsm quick-dry paper, 103gsm high-tacky paper, sublimation ink etc.BRO-SIS SHANGHAI, overseas marketing team ,is committed to use our profession to provide you all the products and technical services, just as directly from the manufacturer . Most of our products are exported to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and South American. As a professional and reliable manufacturer, we have won lots of high reputation from our customers in the past 10 years.
"Solve problems with high quality & service , rather them create problems with low price" is our obligation, email us about your needs, here you can find much competitive prices of high quality products. We sincerely welcome more friends around the world to contact us for enquiries and hope to establish a long-term business relationship with you in the future.
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