How to remain the same color when you change sublimation paper ?
 How to remain the same color when you change sublimation paper ?
How to remain the same color when you change sublimation paper , is a common issue most of the customers will meet in sublimation industry. When change a new paper, the color changes into the one that is different with before, or it does not show the real color you want etc. 
When that happens, some customers are very anxious and worried, their first reaction would be :  the paper is bad, i was cheated, i have to talk with my vendor now, right now ! 
As a sublimation paper manufacturer, our job is not only providing quality material to customers, but also helping them solve the issues. So don't worry, we are going to talk about it now.
First, the color changes, doesn't mean the paper is bad.  When we want to deliver sublimation ink into the sublimation transfer paper, we use an inkjet printer. Printer is a machine that does not have brain, it does not know what to do unless we tell them what to do. So communication is necessary. But printer does not talk human language, so we intelligent human beings , could talk with them in printer's language, that language is an ICC profile. An ICC profile is a set of data that characterizes a color input or output device, or a color space,  describe the color attributes of a particular device or viewing requirement by defining a mapping between the device source or target color space. Simply put - a good ICC profile provides an accurate description of the characteristics of a digital device or working colour space. So tell the devices what to do, they will do the right job for us. ICC profile is necessary, do not ignore it. 
Second, according to some customers , they buy paper from the same vendor every time, but every time, the color is different. I inquired our engineer typically, his answer was : That's because their base paper changes. When some customers pay more attention in reducing the price, so some companies decide to use cheaper and cheaper raw material in order to win the business from them. In this case, it is because of the paper quality. Customer should pay attention to it. 
Anyway, in sublimation industry, if you are lucky in using the right paper, no problems occur; if you are using the wrong paper, many problems could happen, and the problems will be more and more. 
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