No matter how the international business develops , quality will always be the priority in business. Without quality , low price , good service are all nonsense. Our main strenght is we provide high quality products to our clients, we help them solve their annoying problems firstly. This is purpose and principle of our company , it will lead us to go further and become better !

What makes our papers high quality ? 

1. Base-Paper 
We adopt professional sublimation base-paper, which is made of hardwood and softwood. The price is 350 usd higher per ton than others. 
sublimation paper
Benefits: A. This type of base-paper has high tightness, but low porosity, this prevent the ink penetrating into the back side of the paper, and lead to bad transfer result.   B. It has better resistance to high temperature, and better intension (Especially after heat) ,this make sure the paper won't break up , and helps your work going sucessfully and continuously. 
2. Coating
The coating materials were choosen by our professional researchers after numerous enperiments. All our researcher are chemistry professors from university.  
Benefits: A. Best & the most appropriate coating , helps the sublimation paper could absob as much as inks during printing , and release as much as ink during transfer, increase the transfer result. All our transfer result are higher than 95.7%.  B. The Wire Side of the paper is coated with an anti-curl coating, which prevents the sublimation paper from a annoying problem--- curling
3. Technology
A. The coating is coated with Scarper technology, makes the coating quality is stable and paper surface is smooth.  B. After coating , there's a drying processing to control the water content of the paper, this hepls prevent the paper from over-drying, helps the paper surface more smooth, and getting curled. After dyring processing, the water content of the Felt Side ( Printing Side) is 4.5-6% , Wire Side (Back Side) 4.5-5.5% 

4. Stable Quality 
A. We have the only highest-speed coating machine in China , which was adjusted by our engineer for more than one year, now all the datas are setted up and keep super stable. 
B. All the coating formula are allocated by our engineers who are professors from our famous university's chemistry department.  Our reserch and development department has been working with the Chemisitry department together for a long time . 
C. Our raw material are only from 2 stable factorires, not from only cheap factory. Even though the price is higher than others, we won't replace them often.
D. Our factory is a National High-Tech Enterprise , We have a strict management system, including leaders, staff, products etc. 

5. Delivery Time 
We have the only highest-speed coating machine in China, 150 meters per minutes. This guarantee your order will be delivered fast and on time.  On the other hands, our monthly production capacity is at least 15000 rolls.